How They Work For You


This machine is a robot that automatically
mows the grass in your lawn.
It is small, compact, quiet and easy to transport.

  It can freely move within an enclosed area, detecting the signal transmitted by the perimeter cable located on the ground all around the area to be mowed; it can also work without a perimeter cable as long as the working area is enclosed by a fence at least 10 cm. high.

  When work autonomy has expired (see technical specifications),the robot returns to the base to automatically recharge the batteries. When this operation is over, the machine restarts mowing.

  It follows a "random" pattern, with no fixed plan; periodically and randomly, the spiral function, particularly efficient on obstacle free areas, is activated. It covers an area of up to 33,000 sq/ft; two or more robots can work simultaneously to cover a wider area. 

  It is equipped with a keyboard with a user-friendly and  easy-to-program display.

  It can operate day and night; only working time start and finish including work days for intended use need to be set.

  If the lawn mower is lifted or overturned the blade stops to prevent hazards to people and/or pets.


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