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CleanMate is your personal robot that will sweep and vacuum so you don't have to. From short pile carpet to hardwood to tile, CleanMate handles a variety of surfaces with ease. It goes under beds and other places where upright vacuums can't go to clean dirt, dust, and pet hair while simultaneously killing bacteria and deodorizing with its ultraviolet light. CleanMate works for about 60 minutes on a single charge.

Roomba alternative.
Main features:

Compact size remote control which is embedded into upper cover
2 1/2 hours quick battery charging UV light provides disinfection
Photo sensor detects stairs to avoid falling down
Stop automatically and making warning beeping when wheel gets stuck
Five-step repetitive rotation movement provides the most effective way to clean your rooms
Timer for cleaning time setting
Built-in slot to put fragrance for odors removal
Three washable filters
Noise level: 80dB at distance of 20cm
Suction capability: Vacuum fan speed 5.2 meter/second
Capacity of dust bin: 0.3 liter
Life time of Battery: IEC cycle life>500
Cleaning capability: 30 minutes at area of 4.8m x 3.2m
Unit Dimension: 14"x3.6"
Box Dimension: 17"(L)x4.4"(W)x14.4"(H)
Shipping weight: 9 Lbs
One year manufacturer warranty

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