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The BIGMOW robotic lawn mower is the first robotic mower available that can maintain such a large mowing area, up to 5 ACRES!! The BIGMOW accomplishes this with a cutting width of 1 Meter (39”) and a cutting speed of 32,000 ft/hr.

To avoid scalping areas of the lawn that are not flat the BIGMOW has 5 separate cutting motors and heads that float independently to fit the contour of the lawn area.
The BIGMOW offers 2 different mowing modes: Random or Systematic.

The Random mode operates the mower randomly within the perimeter wire to cover the entire area.

The Systematic mode operates the mower in a spiral pattern in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise pattern, which is user selectable.

The manufacturers of BIGMOW will soon be offering a Robotic Ball-Picker for use at driving ranges to pick-up golf balls and return them to a dump station. This will replace the need for a vehicle and person to perform this task, saving thousands of dollars of operating costs per year for driving ranges.

Up to 218,000 sq/ft coverage (5 acres)
Mulching action
Capable of 15 degrees +
Fully autonomous operation, no human intervention required other than for maintenance.

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